TRD JAPAN 2019-2023 Lexus UX Member Brace Kit

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TRD JAPAN 2019-2023 Lexus UX Member Brace Kit
Genuine Accessories approved by Lexus Japan / Toyota Motor Corp.
Designed by Lexus Racing
Material: Steel
Please Note: Will not fit UX 300e

This TRD JAPAN 2019-2023 Lexus UX Member Brace Kit can be installed on 2019-2023 Lexus UX Base Model and F-Sport Model. It can be installed on both of the Models for 2019-2023 Lexus UX.

Brace that is balanced with high driving performance and flexible ride comfort. Comfortable ride with stable road holding performance can be achieved by reinforcing the body floor area from front to back. This product enables the suspension to directly absorb any input from the ground.

TRD JAPAN 2019-2023 Lexus UX Member Brace Kit includes:
1. Front Suspension Member Brace × 1
2. Front Side Brace × 1
3. Front Cross Member Brace × 1
4. Front Floor Brace × 1
5. Front Suspension Member Brace - RH × 1
6. Front Suspension Member Brace - LH × 1
7. Hardware Kit (Bolts × 16)

Note: This installation would involve special works. We cannot support technical aspect. If you are not sure about installing this TRD Member Brace Kit on your own, we recommend you use a Lexus Dealers in your country to do the complete installation of this TRD Member Brace Kit.