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We specialize in supplying Lexus Japan Genuine Parts and Accessories and Merchandise.

Any questions or comments about our Lexus Boutique International, please contact us.


LexusBoutique.net | Lexus Boutique International
Genuine Lexus Parts and Accessories Boutique for International Customers
E-Mail Us Direct: lexusboutique@puretradingservices.com

LexusBoutique.jp | Lexus Boutique Japan
Genuine Lexus Parts and Accessories Boutique for Japanese Customers
E-Mail Us Direct: info-lexusboutique@puretradingservices.jp

If you reside outside of the Japan and would like to order any of Aftermarket Parts or Made in Japan products, please contact us or via email at LexusParts@puretradingservices.com. Our international sales team will then process your order.

All items we sell are only Lexus Genuine Parts and Accessories that being sold at Authorized Lexus dealers in Japan. We are the only company in Japan that can process Lexus Genuine Parts and Accessories to be shipped internationally.

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