Genuine Lexus Japan Admiral Premium Golf Bag (Black)

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Genuine Lexus Japan Admiral Premium Golf Bag (Black)
The Lexus Collection 2023 approved by Lexus Japan
Color: Black
Manufactured by Admiral
Material: [Body] Premium Synthetic leather and Polyester
Size: Mouth diameter: 9.5 type, hold
clubs with up to 46-inch shaft
Weight: Approx. 4.5 kg
Availability: Limited Stock

The bag combines three types of high-quality synthetic leather: crimped leather, carbon fiber leather, and patent leather. The Golf Bag features eleven large and small pockets. Also has a nameplate and a hood for the top of the bag.

International Customers Please Note: Since This Lexus Golf Bag is a very big box and heavy, and proper export documents are required, they should be shipped via FedEx. Therefore, the international shipping cost and insurance cost would be higher. We appreciate your understanding.