Genuine Lexus Japan 2024-2025 LM Factory Painted Premium Body Kit

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2024-2025 LM Factory Painted Premium Body Kit
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Genuine Accessories approved by Lexus Japan / Toyota Motor Corp.
Please select Factory Paint Code # below
Paint Code: UNPAINTED - Surface Finished, 085, 223 (Available 2 Colors) FACTORY PAINTED is OPTIONAL + $ 600.00 USD

Please Note: Factory painted 1J7 and 3U3 are not available. Therefore, you need to select "UNPAINTED - Surface Finished" and have it painted in the same body color as your Lexus LM at a Pro Body Shop or Lexus Body Shop.

The premium body kit creates appropriate downforce and rectifies airflow across the body, improving straight-line stability at high speeds. In addition, the chrome-plated garnish that connects the front, sides, and rear gives the vehicle an even more impressive sense of luxury with its urban design. We do not supply front spoilers, side skirts, or rear skirt separately.

Genuine Lexus Japan 2024-2025 LM 350h/500h Premium Body Kit includes:
1. Front Spoiler Kit with Chrome Garnish × 1
2. Side Skirt with Chrome Garnish - RH × 1
3. Side Skirt with Chrome Garnish - LH × 1
4. Rear Bumper Skirt Spoiler with Chrome Garnish × 1

Please Note: Since these MODELLISTA Premium Complete Body Kit for 2024-2025 LM 350h/500h are so larger and heavy, and proper export documents are required, they should be shipped via FedEx or TNT. Therefore, the international shipping cost and insurance cost would be higher. We will ship 3 very larger Boxes. We appreciate your understanding. We do not supply items such as Front Spoiler, Side Skirts, Rear Skirt separately.

Note: If you are not sure about installing this MODELLISTA Premium Body Kit for 2024-2025 LM 350h/500h on your own, we recommend you use a Lexus Dealers in your country to do the complete installation of This MODELLISTA Premium Complete Body Kit.

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan.