Genuine Lexus Japan 2024-2025 LBX Long Luggage Mat

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2024-2025 LBX Long Luggage Mat
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
Color: Black
Material: High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Resin
For AWD Size: L1,550×W1,320×H5mm
For 2WD Size:  L1,440×W1,330×H5mm
** Please select an 2WD or AWD **

A mat that covers the entire luggage compartment and prevents scratches and stains. Mesh fabric is used on the surface to pursue a good look. The center seat of the rear seat also has a zipper, so it can be used in various seat arrangements.

International Customers Please Note: Since this Premium Long Luggage Mat for LBX more than 1.5m in length are larger and heavy, and proper export documents are required, they should be shipped via FedEx. Therefore, the international shipping cost and insurance cost would be higher. We appreciate your understanding.

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan.