Genuine Lexus Japan 2017-2020 IS Premium Trunk Tray - RHD

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2017-2020 IS Premium Trunk Tray - RHD
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
Size: IS 300h - L998×W1,248×H40mm / IS350/300/200t - L988×W1,456×H40mm
Please Note: Will fit RHD(Right-Handle Drive) only. Will not fit LHD(Left-Handle Drive) USA and Canada Spec

A double-layered tray that combines two sheets with a fastener. We applied anti-slip and water repellent finish to the fabric on the top so that we could place wet and dirty items. If you open the zipper and use a bag-like space, you can also store things you do not want to get dirty at the same time. Because it is made of cloth, it is quiet against vibrations and steps during running.

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan.