Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2021 NX Roof Rack Cross Bar kit

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2021 NX Roof Rack Cross Bar kit
100% Brand New and High Quality made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
Color: Silver / Black
The maximum permissible roof load is 161 lbs / 73 kg.

Genuine Lexus Japan cross bars for roof rails fits 2015-2021 NX. Designed to fit the body of your Lexus NX. The basic carrier bars serve as a basis for installation of the following items: Ski & Snowboard Holder, Bicycle Holder, Surf Board Holder, Aluminum Rack Holder. No tools required thanks to new innovative quick release mounting/dismounting system. Aerodynamic, noise-optimized Lexus Japan design. Lockable. Material aluminium + plastic with Lexus "L" logos. Sleek and aerodynamic, the Lexus Japan Genuine Aero Roof Rack system is a necessity for owners on the move. Transport what you need without sacrificing interior comfort.

Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2021 NX Roof Rack Cross Bars kit includes:
1. Cross Bar, Front × 1
2. Cross Bar, Rear × 1
3. Keys, Cross Bar × 2
4. Hardware Kit
5. Ski & Snowboard Holder **OPTIONAL +480.00 USD**
(Lexus Japan Genuine Accessories - 6 pairs of skis / 4 snowboards)
6. Bicycle Holder **OPTIONAL +680.00 USD**
(Lexus Japan Genuine Accessories)
7. Surf Board Holder **OPTIONAL +380.00 USD **
(Lexus Japan Genuine Accessories - 2 pairs of surf boards)
8. Aluminum Rack Holder **OPTIONAL +780.00 USD **
(Lexus Japan Genuine Accessories)

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan.