Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2024 RC/RC-F Premium Charcoal A/C Cabin Filter

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2024 RC Premium Charcoal A/C Cabin Filter
Best quality and genuine A/C Cabin Filter authorized by the Lexus Japan.
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
PM2.5 compatible, deodorant, antibacterial, antifungal, pollen, antivirus, replacement

Lexus Japan Genuine Parts - direct fit.
New in Lexus Japan original packaging.
Genuine High-Quality Parts from Lexus Japan.
2022-2024 Lexus New Design Package

Lexus Japan Genuine Premium Charcoal A/C Cabin Filter that features a 2-layer filtering structure that helps it to capture particles and remove odor.