Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2018 Aluminium Shift Paddle Set

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2015-2018 Aluminium Shift Paddle Set
Factory OEM Design by F-SPORT
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
Color: Aluminum Finish with ± F-Sport Blue

A pair of aluminium paddles strategically positioned behind the upper steering-wheel spokes allows you to manually UP(+) shift and DOWN(-) shift the 8-speed automatic transmission with just a flick of your fingers.

2015-2018 Aluminium Shift Paddle Set includes:
Aluminum Shift Paddles (+) - RH × 1
Aluminum Shift Paddles (-) - LH × 1

This parts fits the following vehicles:
2015-2017 RC-F
2015-2017 RC 350
2015-2017 RC 300h
2016-2017 RC 200t
2016-2017 RC 300
2014-2016 IS 300h
2014-2016 IS 350
2014-2016 IS 250
2016-2017 IS 200t
2013-2015 GS 450h
2014-2015 GS 300h
2013-2015 GS 250
2013-2015 GS 350
2015-2017 NX 300h
2015-2017 NX 200t
2018-2019 NX 300h
2018-2019 NX 300

This Aluminium Shift Paddles are for Lexus Japan 2015-2017 RC-F, but it can be installed on 2015-2017 RC, 2014-2016 IS, 2013-2015 GS, 2015-2017 NX which has been confirmed by Authorized Lexus Japan dealer. Does not have to drilling or cutting. This Parts is will Just fit your 2015-2017 RC, 2014-2018 IS, 2013-2015 GS, 2015-2019 NX. Steering Wheel is not included.

Note: If you are not sure about installing this Aluminium Shift Paddles on your own we recommend you to use a Lexus Dealers in your country to do the complete installation of this Aluminium Shift Paddles.