Genuine Lexus Japan 2018-2024 LC 500/500h Premium Luggage Tray

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Genuine Lexus Japan 2018-2024 LC 500/500h Premium Luggage Tray
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp.
Color: Black
Material: High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Resin
Please select a LC model
Size for LC 500: L938×W1,384×H40mm
Size for LC 500h: L665×W1,384×H40mm
Size for LC 500 Convertible: L648×W1,370×H40mm

A tray with a double layer structure in which two sheets are joined together with a fastener. The upper fabric has been treated to be anti-slip and water-repellent so that wet and dirty items can be placed. If you open the zipper and use the bag-like space, you can separate the items you don't want to get dirty and load them at the same time. Because it is made of fabric, it is quiet against vibrations and steps while driving. Please Note: Genuine Lexus Japan 2018-2024 LC Premium Luggage Tray have different each Luggage shapes for the LC 500 and LC 500 Convertible and LC 500h, so please select the correct LC model in the "MODELS" section. 

International Customers Please Note: Since this Premium Luggage Tray for LC more than 1.5m in length are larger and heavy, and proper export documents are required, they should be shipped via FedEx. Therefore, the international shipping cost and insurance cost would be higher. We appreciate your understanding.

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan.