Genuine Lexus Japan Carbon Tone Premium Boston Bag with Pouch

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Genuine Lexus Japan Carbon Tone Premium Boston Bag with Pouch
The Lexus Collection approved by Lexus Japan
Material: Cordley® Luxury Artificial leather
Color: Silver Grey
Size: [Boston Bag] 460 (-430) mm (W) × 310 mm (H) × 210 mm (D)
[Pouch] 230 mm (W) × 135 mm (H) × 80 mm (D)
[Drawstring bag] 305 mm (W) × 400 mm (H)

The main body of this Lexus Carbon Tone Premium Boston Bag is made from carbon textured Cordley®(Artificial leather with a structure that closely resembles natural leather. Lightweight and strong, Cordley® is widely used in satchels and covers for automobile steering wheels.), an extremely lightweight and durable material. Also, genuine leather is used for some parts of the bag. It has two pockets outside and seven inside. Also, the inside has a leather tag with the LEXUS mark and logo.