Genuine Lexus Japan F-Sport Smart Key Case (Hybrid Leather) Type-1

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Genuine Lexus Japan F-Sport Smart Key Case (Hybrid Leather) Type-1
100% Brand New and High Quality Made in Japan
Genuine Lexus Collection approved by Lexus Japan
A sporty smart key case made from Italian hybrid leather
Material: Cowhide (Carbon pattern finishing)
Suede-like artificial leather (Inside), Resin
Size: 42 mm (W) × 75 mm (H) × 14 mm (D)
F-Sport Smart Key Case for Type-C

This parts fits the following vehicles:
2015-2022 RC-F
RC 300/350/300h
2016-2020 GS-F
2016-2020 GS 200t/300/350/300h/450h
2013-2015 GS 250/350/300h/450h
2017-2020 IS 200t/300/350/300h
2014-2016 IS 200t/250/350/300h
2016-2021 LX 450/570
2015-2021 NX 200t/300/300h
2016-2022 RX 200t/300/350/450h/350L/450hL

Hybrid Leather: Made by laminating an ultra-thin carbon pattern film onto cowhide, this leather possesses superior resistance to wear, light, heat, and water. That is also used for automobile steering wheels.

Genuine High Quality custom accessories from Lexus Japan